Welcome to the barebones "create a registrant" form.

If you pick a non-individual CPR type (e.g. not Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident), then this script will create TWO contacts. One being the entity (the registrant), and the other for use as the admin contact. (CIRA requires the admin contact to be an individual.) In that case the "Organization" will be the name of the registrant, and "Name" will be used for the admin contact. The rest of the information will be shared between both contacts. Please contact support if this simplified setup does not work for you.

If your data passes basic validition, the next page will ask you to accept the CIRA agreement, and the page after that will send the contact data to CIRA to create the contacts.

Name: (must be a person)
Organization: (required for non individual registrant)
Address (line2): (optional)
Postal Code:
Phone: (+1. and 10 digits, e.g. +1.2505987708)
--- billing ID to associate this/these contact(s) with ---
Billing ID:
Billing email: